A letter to the Chief Constable from Dr. Stunfnassen

Dr. Henrik Stunfnassen

Priory Tree-side Institute for the Unwell

Jacksby-on-Crescent Cambridgeshire

CM22 2FG

1st July, 2016

Chief Constable Saddle

Cambridge Police Station




Dear Chief Constable Saddle,

I write to you today with some concerning news, a patient of ours here at the Institute for the Unwell has gone missing. The reason why I send a letter, instead of calling is that this is no emergency. This letter is more a request for your vigilance and kindness than a call for a county wide manhunt. We here at the Institute specialise in the treatment of extraordinary individuals. In his time Jorja Wilkinson was a great designer and architect. He shaped and formed entire styles and movements, and proved very influential. However he could not keep up with his own success, cowed by his own popularity he retreated in to reclusion.

It is there that we found him, huddled in a strange caravan, lost and alone. A genius who had become entrapped by his own success, this is just the kind of patient we treat. Wonderfully talented artists, sports people – those with ill-defined psychological conditions but with enough money to avoid getting clinical help. We find them, take a small contribution from their considerable wealth and attempt to make them better, within the confines of our peaceful estate. Jorja was improving, through a dual method of positive reinforcement – sudoku and scones. Reigniting long dead synapses in his mind, logic puzzles rekindled the fire of genius inside his brain and scones for sustenance. He had long ceased to consume what we would deem a ‘normal’ diet, but scones he would consume, a dozen a day.

Our treatment, perhaps, brought him back to a previously unknown level of cognition. One day, when a nurse walked out to the fields to deliver his scones, the caravan was gone. The only breadcrumb trail we could follow was a virtual one. Using the residents’ computers, Jorja had been searching his own name, for tales of his success. However, what he found was something quite different. A son, with his name and a relatively successful architecture and design firm. We believe this is what he’s gone in search of. But all this may be in vain. The source of this information does not look like it can be trusted. The blog, having previously been owned by a fashion designer, has now been filled with strange diary entries and notes all seemingly connected. A Liverpool SEO & internet marketing company appears to be at the centre of all of this, but what they have to do with Jorga is beyond this psychiatrist.

All I ask of you is that you look out for him, for Estevez and his family. Jorga has no living son on record, but he has convinced himself that he has one. Likewise Estevez seems to want a Father figure more than anything, this unbridled desire could end badly. Above all, Jorga must be stopped from continuing his work. If he fails in reviving his design career it could well be the end of him and Estevez.

Yours Sincerely


Dr. Henrik Stunfnassen

Priory Tree-side Institute for the Unwell