From Internal Mail Server 20934-DW2, TakeAll Designs, Ltd.

03/07/16 – Between 0845-1237

Jeanie SADDLE, Receptionist – Carol SITWELL, Assistant

receptionSADDLE//0845: Good mornin hun! How was your weekend, sorry I couldn’t get out of the house to see you yesterday – kids were playing up and Greg’s been busy all week with this weird case he’s been talking me through. Morning school run was a TOTAL nightmare, every Monday its always the same. Jodie won’t eat breakfast and Michael doesn’t want to wear socks. Anyway, how was your date? Tell me all! Also, your boss seemed a little bit ruffled this morning, usually takes the time to say hello, but I got the cold shoulder just now. Everything OK over there?

SITWELL//0906: Jeanie! I’m good, just stayed in last night anyway, recovering from an AWFUL date saturday night. Why do guys think its OK just to get blind drunk with a stranger, that’s my last one for a while I think. Your morning sounds fun! Mine are always so routine, only the cat here to feed and he always eats his breakfast. Yeah Senor Wilki has been a little off lately, maybe a little stressed? I know that some of his unfinished work’s recently been taken on by a Liverpool architecture firm. Don’t take it personally, anyway you’re a married woman, what would Greg say?!

SADDLE//1125Personal-Assistant-580x386: Mmmm…I’m hungry! Is it too early for lunch? You know I would take a drunken date, over another McDonalds out with the kids and Greg ANYDAY, hahaa. Maybe we can do a little life-style swap, when the summer holidays kick in, I could do with 6 weeks off! You know I think I saw a photo of those architects in last weeks trades, they are SO handsome, take me to Merseyside to the Architects Emporium haha! Well maybe we should grab Senor Wilki a coffee on the way back from…lunch, like right now?

espresso-002SITWELL//1211: God Jean, you are TERRIBLE. The big bosses could be reading these emails, what would they say about your base attraction to our competitors? You know what, I would kill for a husband like yours, so hard working and kind – love a man in uniform! With the things he must see in work, you think it would make him sour, but he always seems so sweet. But those kids, you can keep them, haha. OK, lunch in 20 mins? I think the boss could actually do with an espresso or two, I can’t tell for sure, but I think he’s fallen asleep at his desk again.

SADDLE//1237: Hahaaa, they know I’m just kidding around. TakeAll Designs have far and away the most handsome architects in the country…ahem. You know we joke, I really like that Greg brings his work back home, it means a lot to know that he values my opinion. I’m like that wife off Midsomer Murders, always providing fresh insights into a case! (You’ve never heard of the name Stufnasser have you?) I AM STARVING CAROL, lets go to Starbucks and grab Sleepy a coffee whilst we’re at it. Meet you out in the car park in 5!